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iPod and iPhone OS 3
2:10 PM

 For those of you who don't know yet, Apple® is going to release the new iPod® and iPhone® OS. This version (OS 3) is going to have many new features. One of these new features is Bluetooth®. Yes, that's what I said "Bluetooth®"! This is a really big thing for iPod® users, because they will be able to connect to other iPod® devices without a WiFi area. The release date for this new software has not been set yet (that I know of) but my guess is that it will be released in June or July 2009.

 Be aware that this new OS will probably cost you. Most likely between $20 to $50.
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This entry would be a good start, good but not good enough, you need to learn to right good entries!

Also, dude remove those big pictures of apple logos, keep your website simple don't put those large
pictures in your website, keep your pictures about 500X450 in size, people hate when page loads

Thanks man. smile

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